Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What's the big deal with Justin Bieber? I mean, COME ON!

Ok so this little 15 year old decides to make videos of himself singing other people's songs.. He records so many of them that he ends up getting discovered. Suddenly, in no time, he's the most famous kid on earth, and people praise him as if it's Jesus's second coming! What the hell is wrong with people? There are so many kids out there that have the same or better talent than what Justin Bieber has. I`m sorry Justin, it`s nothing against you, it`s just the ideology towards you that troubles me. I mean all I hear is your name, and i don't even know one of your songs. Just last week i got to see your picture for the first time, and quite frankly I thought you were a girl! I mean look at this picture!

And then I see another picture of you kissing this beautiful girl, Selena Gomez (who is actually talented), and I ask myself "Why Selena, why?". All this to say: What's the big deal with JUSTIN BIEBER PEOPLE? HE'S JUST A BEAVER! And for the fans, I like Selena Gomez better! (don't hate me!) But he can't even lift a couple of pounds! lmao!

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