Tuesday, 13 September 2011

dancing with the "stars"

ok so first of all i will be the first to admit that i love bad tv, i love the kardashians more than anything, thursdays are jersdays...but i really dont get dancing with the stars.....lol come on....stars? anyway but aside from the fact that these "stars" wouldn't even make the b-team in the wonderful world of celebretards (sorry rob kardashian i still love you), and ballroom dancing is fucking boring to watch, the big story this year is the fact that tranny chaz bono is a contestant (again...stars????). so naturally all the uptight extremo-christian moms have their panties in a bunch saying that the world should boycot the show (yes, yes they should but not cuz of chaz, cuz it sucks!) - because chaz's presence will be confusing to the children. i would like to point out that looking at chaz is probably the most NOT confusing thing a child could look at.

he is a fat white 40-something year old dude that wears dockers and polos and is as generic as they come...maybe, mom's, if u dont tell her kids that he used to have a vag ur concern for confusion will be avoided. dumb bitches. i would also like to point out that there are far more confusing things that kids are looking at

...lollllll...come on moms, get ur shit together and pick ur battles - he'll probs get kicked off in like 2 seconds anyway.

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